Friday, May 17, 2013

Back to BA

Day 168 (April 3, 2013)
Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Day's Ride: 13 Miles

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There are multiple options for ferries between Colonia and Buenos Aires; unfortunately, due to a long holiday week for Semana Santa in Argentina, nearly everything was booked. When I logged on to reserve my ticket, there was only one slot left and it was on the most expensive boat! So, I ended up paying $150 to sail back to BA.

Fortunately, I was on the fast boat. So, instead of taking four hours to cross the river back to BA, it only took one. I was also sitting in first class drinking free champagne during that hour, so things weren't that bad. Sure beats riding 300 miles of flat, straight, four lane highway.

I got some strange looks walking into the first class section like some lost storm trooper in my smelly riding gear. Fortunately, after the first glass of champagne, I didn't really care.

After disembarking and getting my paperwork from the Aduana, I set out for Dakar Motos.

I'm staying at Dakar Motos tonight. There are several other riders here as well, including the two Canadians that I met in El Calafate and rode with out to the Perrito Moreno Glacier. Three of us are taking our bikes to the airport in the morning.

Dylan just showed up a few minutes ago as well and Corey and RexBuck are in town somewhere too. Tomorrow I get to disassemble my bike and crate it up. Should be fun!

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