Monday, April 1, 2013

Back in the Pampas

Day 155 (March 20, 2013)
Esquel, Argentina to Dolavon, Argentina
Day's Ride: 352 Miles

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I knew when I left Esquel that it was going to be a long and boring ride back across the pampas to the Atlantic so I decided to just get as much of it out of the way in one shot as I could. Besides, other than a few small estancia's along the way, there really wasn't anywhere to stop between Esquel and the town of Trelew. I had to re-ride about 40 miles of Ruta 40 that I had already ridden on the way down to get to the turn off for the coast.

The scenery was classic southern Argentina. Flat expanses of scrub brush stretching to the horizon with the occasional gully or small bluff to add a little disruption to an otherwise linear view. I did go through one small stretch of sandstone cliffs that reminded a little of Utah.

Other than that, there wasn't much to see. I did have some more pictures of the nothingness; unfortunately, photobucket is refusing to upload them.

Since I was riding from west to east, I had a nice tailwind throughout the day and wasn't getting blown all over the place. However, after 340 miles I was starting to get a little tired. When I saw a municipal campground in a small town 20 miles outside of Trelew, I decided to stop for the night.

I was the only one at the campground and the caretaker didn't even make me pay. I went to the local mercado, got some food and some wine and came back to the campground to cook. It started to rain a little and the caretaker let me cook under his little awning.

I shared my wine with him and we talked for a little while. A little later he went out and bought a couple liters of beer and came back and shared with me. We sat around and talked and drank for a few hours and then I headed back to my tent to catch some sleep. All in all, a simple day. A little riding, a little cooking, and a little bs'ing with an Argentino over some vino and cervesa.

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