Tuesday, January 29, 2013

La Paz, Bolivia

Day 102 (January 25, 2013)
La Paz, Boliva
Day's Ride: 0 Miles

I took out my pass for a lazy day today and didn't really do too much save for update the ride report, patch my spare rear tube, apply stickers to my boxes, and drink beer.

I did manage to go to a Honda shop and buy some oil for my upcoming oil change. While I was there I asked for a recommendation for a good "llanteria" (tire shop). I was sent over to Teo's, which was housed in a small shack on a back alley. Teo hooked me up and did a vulcanized patch on the big hole that resulted from the metal share that I picked up outside of Cusco.

Beings that it only cost a dollar, I figured that this would result in a higher quality patch than anything I could do myself.

During the taxi ride back to the hostel, somebody started honking at my cabby and he exploded in a verbal barage.

"The people here are animals! I swear, it's like driving in hell!"

This was all in Spanish and it had me dying laughing. His tirade continued for a good five minutes before eventually petering out.

I spent the rest of the day vegging out and drinking beer. Tomorrow we ride the death road!

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