Saturday, January 19, 2013

The "Donate Button" and writing style explained....

As some of you may have guessed, I actually write most of this blog on a different website ( and then repost here.   If any of you have noticed me reffering to people by odd names like "Ed Zachtamundo" or "jdowns", those are their screen names from is a large forum where a significant amount of Adventure Riders share information about rides, bikes, and other stuff.  ADVrider is an abrevation for "adventure rider", and speaks to a style of motorcycle riding dedicated to exploring and going places on motorcycles that people generally have no business going to on motorcycles.
Adventure riders comprise a rapidly growing sect of the motorcycle culture, and are quite vocal in sharing information and reporting on their endeavors via the web.  During the planning phases of this trip and the actual riding portion, I have recieved valuable advice and help from riders all around the world; all compiled and directed through
One of the main features of is a section of the forum devoted to "Ride Reports".  This is where I post the day by day account of my ride.  People also share their adventures while riding their bikes through the United States, Mongolia, around the world, etc. 
Some of you may have noticed the Paypal Button entitled "Donate to Bryce's Ride" on the right side of this blog and wondered where it came from and why.  The explanation is fairly simple: some people who read these reports actually consider it a form of entertainment, kind of like PBS, or NPR, and donate money to the people that write them in order to help them keep on riding.  Additionally, a lot of people who are doing big adventure rides often keep a detailed daily report and then use dontation money as an auxillary source of funding to continue their ride. 
Let me make this clear: this is not a plea for money!  I had no idea that this was even something that people did before I left, and I was keeping a daily blog/journal for a while before I learned about it.  However, a few people actually contacted me through advrider and asked if they could send me money.  I was amazed and flattered, I had no idea that people took this kind of thing that seriously.  Still, I'm not one to turn down a free beer or tank of gasoline, so eventually I put the "donate button" up.
I'll be honest, I don't need any donations to keep this trip going.  I'm pretty sure I have enough to make it down to Ushuaia and then get back to the states with the money I saved up in Afghanistan.  Even if I didn't have the money, I would probably just charge it up on my card before I started asking people for help or just try and sell my bike in South America somewhere to fund my return.
Still, if someone does choose to send some cash my way, please let me know!  As I've told the people who have donated to me on; if you send me some money, I'll consider it a purchase of some real estate on my gas tank and your name will be scrawled in sharpie along with the pantheon of other donors and amigos that I've met along the way.  I'm also going to give 10% of all donations back to
So anyways, that's what's going on; now back to the regularly scheduled installment of "El Calvo".

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